Allergic Reactions: A friend of your enemy?

What do peanuts and pollen have in
common? You guessed it! They're
both common allergens - substances
that cause allergic reactions in susceptible
individuals. According to the Asthma and
Allergy Foundation of America, approximately
50 million Americans... Read more


The world is full of people who discover things — big things, little things, mysterious things. While the rest of us eat breakfast or go to class or IM, scientists do science.

Teams of people may work for months or years to advance a piece of knowledge; they depend on the people who came before; they help the people who come later.

What A Year! highlights a breakthrough each month and gives some information about the people behind it. You can learn what's going on in your scientific back yard, and to dig a lot deeper if you want.

Have a great year!

Allergic Reactions: A friend of your enemy? Hit the Brakes! Virtual Surgery memories
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